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Pauly.SuperScreen - The popfilter that leaves the voice natural

Instruction Manual

With a Pauly pop filter you have acquired the perfect product to already refine your voice recordings during the recording process and handle them better during the mixing. The Pauly pop filter’s sophisticated design and high quality workmanship ensure a strong but still gentle effect. When recording, frequency range and natural quality of the voice are completely conserved while filtering pop sounds and disturbing noise. And the voice retains its vibrancy – that’s the true strength of the Pauly Super- Screen.

PAULY P120-T30 AND P120-T30+C

After achieving the desired position of the pop filter by bending the gooseneck, simply fasten the ring using the shiny round lock nut. It is positioned between the tip of the gooseneck and the filter ring. Initially, bending the new gooseneck may cause slight crackling noises, which will however disappear soon. Please do not tilt the grub screw while screwing the ring to the gooseneck.


The Pauly Spider Clip practically fits any closed spider mount of large membrane microphones. The clip is attached to the outer spider ring. Open the spider clip’s wing nut far enough to easily hook the front piston claw on the outer round bar of the microphone spider – turning it gently. Then gently re-attach the wing nut. Do not tilt the grub screw while attaching the filter ring to the support pole.


The spider clip’s claw can cause slight scratches on the spider mount linkage. That’s in the nature of things. If you would like to avoid that, protect the respective part with one of the included slitted protective tubes. Covering the position with a couple of rounds of tape also does the job.


The adapter cone serves to fasten the pop filter ring on the boom arm of a separate microphone stand. This makes the Pauly SuperScreen extremely versatile. As a result, even difficult recording situations can be managed thanks to a resulting setup that is completely decoupled from structure borne noise. Make sure you don’t tilt the cone in the thread when attaching it to the filter ring.


The filter ring should be positioned at a distance of 1,5 to 4 inches (4 to 7 cms) from the microphone, keeping the center of the ring and the center of the microphone capsule on one straight line. With each speaker / singer, the correct distance between the Pauly SuperScreen and the artist should be determined individually. Usually it‘s 4 inches, with quiet, intimate parts 1 to 1,5 inches are enough.


Slight irregularities in the fabric looking like tiny stripes may occur occasionally. They are part of the natural appearance of this top product and do not compromise the pop filter’s excellent acoustic qualities in any way. Our fabric, with its fluffy soft surface, tender weave and high elasticity, differs from simple nylon and other synthetic fabrics. Plus, it doesn’t cause any noise with air streaming through it. Back and front side fabric always have a special different tension and web direction.


The filter can be disinfected before each use by lightly spraying it with a disinfectant but should be dry before recording. If disinfection is needed more frequently, the ring should be soaked in warm water with a little dishwasher liquid for some minutes – after about ten disinfections. Move it around gently, rinse in clear water, then shake off the water and let dry. If in a hurry, place the filter ring near a radiator. This procedure cleans the filter fabric, removes any foreign objects and renders the fabric fluffy and elastic again.

Finally, enjoy the unrivalled performance of this truly professional pop reduction device.