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Pauly.SuperScreen - The popfilter that leaves the voice natural


P120 Cone am Ständer
1. Pauly P120-Cone: 125,00 € (color: Nickel or Black)
The special Pauly-Adapter-Cone is supplied with the filter ring. It enables you to mount the Pauly.SuperScreen on the boom arm of a separate microphone stand. This results in extreme flexibility of use while completely isolating the microphone in use from any structure-borne noise.
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P120 Cone am Ständer
2. Pauly P120 T-30: 149,00 € (color: Nickel or Black)
he classic combination. The pop filter is mounted on the microphone stand of the recording microphone using a gooseneck.
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P120 Cone am Ständer P120 Cone
3. Pauly P120 T-30+C: 169,00 € (color: Nickel or Black)
The combination package with gooseneck and adapter-cone.

This combination package enables you to use any of the great mounting variations possible with the Pauly.SuperScreen.

Includes enlarged 5/8’’ mounting ear on the gooseneck for use in U.S. recording studios.
Also includes removable metric reduction thread for the adapter-cone for use in U.S.A. (5/8’’) or Europe (3/8’’).
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Pauly Spider Clip
4. Pauly Spider Clip+C: 209,00 € (color: Nickel or Black)

The following components can be ordered as replacements:
Pauly Adapter Cone
(Nickel or Black)
19,90 €

Pauly Gooseneck
(Nickel or Black)
49,90 €

P120 SuperScreen
(Nickel or Black)
112,50 €

P120 Spider Clip
(Nickel or Black)
77,50 €

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